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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Products & Services

Norman Noble Inc.

Norman NobleMedical Device OEM’s that have applied Highland Heights, Ohio-based Norman Noble Inc.’s Design for Manufacturability services have realized substantial benefits, the company says. Costs and time-to-market are often cut in half with significant improvements in quality and delivery. These services are most effective when applied to projects that involve tight tolerances and exotic materials, including NiTinol.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.

Clippard HV-HTV valveAvailable in 3-way and 4-way configurations, Clippard’s new HV-HTV valves feature the same benefits available with other Minimatic brass valves: proven reliability, compact size, economical pricing, precision machining and more.  These valves feature #10-32 inlet and outlet ports and are available as toggle or stem actuated, in addition to offering cartridge styles. Flows rates are to 15 scfm @ 100 psig.

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

PI 2014 catalogThe 2013/14 hardcover catalog on precision motion control and piezo technology is now available from PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, Mass.

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

H-820PI (Physik Instrumente) added a lower-cost hexapod to its large family of parallel positioning devices.  Hexapods produce motion in all 6 degrees of freedom—in the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis as well as pitch, yaw and roll.  With a freely programmable center of rotation these devices are virtually as versatile as the human hand.

Hassay Savage Co.

GMauvaisUSA microdrillHassay Savage Co. has introduced the GMauvaisUSA microdrill line to the North American market. From its European factory, the company  been supplying precision products since 1928, including supplying the Swiss Watch Industry for many years 

Motion Dynamics Corp.

Motion Dynamics, Fruitport, MI, ( says it works with almost any material available, including exotic and high performance alloys as well as bio-compatible materials.

Shannon MicroCoil

Shannon Microcoil, Limerick, Ireland, uses both round and flat wire in sizes from 0.001” (25 micron) upwards in round and flat wire. Common materials include, stainless steels such as 302, 304 and 316, Precious Metal Alloys such as PtW, PtIr, Pd, and coated materials such as gold coated steels and PTFE coated steels.

Chromalox, Inc

Kapton thin flexible heatersChromalox offers Kapton, a polyimide material that has high dielectric strength, allowing for a very thin heater construction. Chromalox uses Kapton with two types of bonding systems; FEP Teflon Thermo-flow polymer 392°F (200°C), and Acrylic Thermo-flow 250°F (121°C).


brushless DC motorsMICROMO is pleased to announce the arrival of the new, high performance FAULHABER Series 1218…B Brushless DC Motor.  FAULHABER has expanded its high performance range of brushless DC servomotors to include the new Series 1218….B.

Twin City EDM

microholde poppingTwin City EDM and Manufacturing's micro hole EDM services are used to produce small holes ranging from .002" to .125" in any conductive material including traditional metals such as stainless steel, tool steel, and titanium as well as more exotic materials including Inconel, Nitinol, gold, molybdenum, and conductive ceramics. 

IPG Photonics Corp.

cleo 2013 tIPG Photonics Corp., a provider of fiber lasers and amplifiers, introduced the IX-255 UV Laser Micromachining System.

FineLine Prototyping Inc.

Fineline PrototypingFineLine Prototyping provides rapid prototyping services to the medical device industry. Specializing in high-accuracy, highresolution parts, the company operates 18 Viper HR stereolithography machines and offers high-resolution metal prototypes, microresolution parts, selective laser sintering and custom finishing.

Deli Laser Solutions Co. Ltd.

Deli LaserDeli Laser Solutions Co. Ltd. specializes in laser micromachining hard, brittle materials, including ceramics, silicon, glass, quartz and sapphire. The company performs cutting, marking, dicing, etching, welding and drilling. Deli Laser Solutions reports that it can laser-drill 50?m holes with smooth sidewalls and no burrs in 1mm-thick materials.

Carl Zeiss IMT Corp.

Carl Zeiss IMT O-InspectThe O-Inspect 322 from Carl Zeiss IMT Corp. functions as a coordinate measuring machine, microscope, profile projector and contour measuring instrument. According to the company, the standard CAD-based, 3-D measurements, using contact and optical sensors, allow for a complete and accurate part picture, saving time with the need for only one part alignment. It is suitable for operating on the shop floor.

Metrigraphics LLC

Metrigraphics substratesMetrigraphics LLC provides complex microflex circuits and coils for use as sensors or as in-sensor devices. With features measuring from 5?m to 10?m and having up to six metal layers, the sensor circuits can form the basis of a biologic chemistry sensor, a device for sensing contaminants in fluids or for use in environmental and other specialty applications, including medical and homeland security.

Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology systemsHexagon Metrology Inc. says its factory-trained engineers perform onsite calibrations and certifications using the proper equipment, knowledge and technical support to keep equipment performing accurately and productively. The company is ISO 17025-certified to calibrate coordinate measuring machines, machining centers, boring mills, turning centers, rotary tables and surface plates.

Harvey Tool Co. LLC

Harvey Tool endmillsHarvey Tool Co. LLC offers nearly 400 metric tools for machining aluminum, exotics and medium alloys. The new metric variablehelix tools are manufactured with tight tolerances and have large shank diameters for enhanced rigidity, according to the company. Standard tools are available as small as 0.2mm in diameter.

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

PI nanopositioning systemsPI (Physik Instrumente) LP’s P-763 XY precision piezo nanopositioning system features frictionless flexure joints and integrated motion amplifiers. Capacitive-position feedback sensors enhance stability, linearity and position repeatability in the nanometer realm, according to the company. PICMA piezodrives with all-ceramic insulation resist humidity in operating temperatures up to 80° C. The system is suitable for transmitted-light and sample handling and positioning applications.


Traub TNL 18The TRAUB TNL18 sliding- and fixed-headstock automatic lathe from INDEX Corp. has seven linear axes and an additional B-axis on the eight-position upper tool turret. With the additional B-axis, which can pivot 100°, complex parts and complicated contour elements that require additional operations, such as milling, drilling and threading, can be machined at any angular position.

Synova USA

Synova waterjet nozzleSynova USA’s Laser Micro Jet technology is for 5-axis micromachining photovoltaic cells and CBN, PCD and ceramic tooling, as well as specialty applications. The advantages of the technology are low consumable costs, low thermal loading of the parts, no part chipping and cracking, no heataffected zone, fast cutting rates when machining brittle and hard materials and fine surface finishes, according to the company.