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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Product News: Tools

Harvey Tool Co. offers a line of miniature throughcoolant twist drills. Starting at 1mm, the drills come standard with an 1/8" shank and a TiAlN coating. Designed for deep-hole drilling, the drills have a 12 times diameter flute length and a 140° drill point.

Nanonex Corp., Monmouth Junction, N.J., has developed a full wafer nanoimprinter and photolithography aligner it said is capable of thermal, photo-curable, embossing and photolithography imprinting with sub-5nm imprinting resolution and sub-1µm alignment accuracy.

A Makino V22 vertical machining center fitted with a 0.050mm-dia. drill was used to produce (61) 0.002” microholes in a fluid-metering plate. The microdevice was made from 0.020”-thick 303 stainless steel plate.

Harvey Tool Co. LLC

harvey tool thumbHarvey Tool Co. LLC has released its fall 2011 catalog, which provides a look at about 400 new tools and information on additional sizes and reaches in expanded product lines.


GrindSmart6 thumbProgressive miniaturization in the watchmaking, medical and electronics industries continue to put increased pressure on tool manufacturers. They are routinely required to produce ever-smaller drilling and milling tools to meet the demand for high-quality parts.

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH

bannerZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH offers a line of low dimension tools with accuracy in diameter, concentricity and radius. A comprehensive selection of milling tools, high-performance twist drills, reamers and slitting saws is available.

Tungsten ToolWorks

Tungsten ToolWorksTungsten ToolWorks offers seven different micro-endmill geometries in a variety of diameters, lengths, end conditions and coatings.

Heule Tool Corp.

Heule microsnapHeule Tool Corp. offers Micro Snap carbide deburring tools for deburring and chamfering the fronts and backs of through-holes from 2mm to 5mm in diameter in a single pass.

Harvey Tool Co. LLC

Harvety keyseat cuttersHarvey Tool Co. LLC expanded its lines of keyseat cutters for slotting and undercutting.

Heule Tool Corp.

micro cofaHeule Tool Corp. introduced its new micro COFA series carbide deburring tool for all purpose deburring of through holes 2mm to 4.1mm (0.080"-0.161"), front and back, in a single pass.