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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Product News: Micromolding

Micromolding is the main focus at Accumold. Parts range from approximately 1/2" down to those measured in microns. These components often have complex geometry and extremely tight tolerances. The company builds special molding machines to produce these parts. The machines are engineered to handle volumes from prototypes to 5 million or more parts annually.

Small Precision Tools Inc.designs and manufactures custom ceramic parts to micron tolerances using the ceramic-injection-molding process. CIM combines powder-injection-molding and sintering technologies. Examples of the finished products SPT offers are medical and dental tools, industrial and electronic components, and nozzles with hole diameters smaller than 15µm.

Makuta Technics Inc is a micromolding company producing precision micromolded parts for “virtually every industry,” according to the company, which employs “lights out” technologies that allow around-the-clock production.

If you see a pattern developing, Potomac Photonicsmay have had something to do with it. The company, which utilizes laser technologies to fabricate 2-D and 3-D structures, specializes in laser patterning. The Lanham, Md., contract manufacturer patterns structures one of three ways: Laser Ablation, Mill & Fill and Contact Transfer. Milling is the term it uses to describe subtractive processing, the art of precision material removal.

Die casting parts in zinc or other metals and plastics is often the most advantageous way to go when it comes to small (1/10 gram) and not-so-small (up to 4 lbs.) parts, reported Carteret Die Casting Corp., Somerset, N.J.

Amadyne GmbH’s fab1 automatic micro assembly system is suitable for pick and place, sorting, inspection and test functions. The system has a 500mm×430mm area for the X-axis and Y-axis and Linux-based open software architecture with SQL storage. According to the company, the fab1 permits the fabrication of standard and advanced packaging technologies, such as chip on board, chip on chip, flip chip, multichip modules and eutectic soldering processes. An integrated flow box has a separation efficiency of 99.995 percent.

The iPro™ 9000 SLA® Center, a new professional stereolithography system from 3D Systems Corp., Rock Hill, S.C., is said to quickly and economically produce durable plastic parts with unprecedented surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances that rival the accuracy of CNC-machined plastic parts, according to a company news release issued Aug. 19.

Nuvotronics, a small business established earlier this year in Blacksburg, Va., announced Monday that the PolyStrata Microfabrication process—originally developed under DARPA grant funding through the 3DMerfs program—will be available to commercial markets for the first time.

The MetrigraphicsDivision of Dynamics Research Corp. uses its core technologies of electroforming, photolithography and thin-film sputtering to provide OEMs with high-precision microcomponents.

Micromold Inc. , Riverside, Calif., specializes in small, intricate precision plastic and metal injection molding and boasts ISO 13485 certification for the design and manufacture of medical devices, not to mention ISO 9001 certification.