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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Product News: Lasers

A new series of lasers has been introduced by Rofin-Sinar. The medium-power StarFiber 100 and 200 have output ratings of 100W and 200W, respectively. They can be operated in either pulsed or continuous-wave mode. All system functions are controlled via a full-color, touch-screen control with graphical menu navigation and integrated "help" functions. The manufacturer recommends the lasers for fine welding and cutting applications.

Synova SA offers its Laser Cutting System in two sizes. The LCS 150 has a 150mm x 150mm work area and the LCS 300's work envelope measures 300mm x 300mm.

Both units feature granite bases; linear drive motors; diode-pumped, solid-state Nd:YAG pulsed lasers; and high-pressure, 2-cylinder water pumps. Synova SA offers its Laser Cutting System in two sizes. The LCS 150 has a 150mm x 150mm work area and the LCS 300's work envelope measures 300mm x 300mm.

Oxford Lasers Ltd. manufactures micromachining lasers and produces parts on a contract basis. The company’s fully automated micromachining systems are used for drilling (5 ?m to 200 ?m diameters), cutting (kerf widths down to 5 ?m), marking and general micromachining.

Dec. 17, 2007 — QPC Lasers Inc. has introduced the Ultra-500, a new family of products. It reportedly offers increased power and industry leading brightness for surgical, high-power defense and industrial microwelding applications. The company has won multiple orders for the new product and recently shipped units to customers.

Lumera Laser GmbH recently rolled out its new Hyper-Rapid picosecond laser, which the company says uses a new technology that will help the emerging micromanufacturing market.

The Hyper-Rapid ps laser uses a novel Lumera laser amplifier concept to reach higher average power for high through put applications in ps-laser micromachining.

Laserage Technology Corp.specializes in laser machining, drilling, scribing, welding and other custom laser job shop services.

A new picosecond cold processing laser has been introduced with up to 50W TEMoo average power and pulse repetition rates of up to 1MHz.

In January of this year RPMC was selected as the North American distributor for Manlight's fiber lasers.

We offer CW powers up to 50W, and pulsed powers up to 20W with 1mJ energy at 20kHz and pulsewidths less than 50ns. The pulsed units can be operated in CW mode as well.

The diodes can be changed-out in the field!

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Turnkey Laser Diode Systems 30W-300W

RPMC is now offering you a cost effective solution for high quality fiber coupled laser diodes in a fully integrated turnkey system. Laser control, power, cooling and laser safety is incorporated into the 19" rack mounted unit. Units are available with 200 µm to 600 µm fibers. Typical applications include:

  • Plastics Welding
  • Electronic Soldering
  • Solar Cell Contact Soldering
  • Rb Vapor Pumping

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The Mini lasers get their name from their compact size. All optical and electronic components are housed in one conductively cooled enclosure.

These robust, sealed, QCW diode pumped lasers are available at 1064nm, 532 µm, 355 µm and 1.57 µm. The Mini is available with energy levels up to 7mJ at 1.57 µm and 20mJ at 1064nm with 5 - 8ns pulse widths at a repetition rate up to 50Hz.