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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Product News: EDMing

Charmilles' Roboform 350 MicroTEC sinker EDM is for micromoldmaking. The machine's discharge circuitry enables EDM power to be modulated to maximize material removal. The machine's double thermostabilization system enhances accuracy by preventing temperature variations. Pulsed air, circulating in the cabin, is cooled in real time by a double differential temperature probe, according to the temperature of the dielectric fluid. Circulation of the dielectric is integrated into the worktable, preventing the risk of thermal shocks when filling the tank.

According to Sarix SA, its SX-100 and SX-200 EDMs show that sinker-style machines can erode deep cavities and small holes — as small as 20 ?m. The microEDMs impart surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.1 (Ra 0.05 when fitted with the company's Micro Fine Pulse Shape Generator). The SX-100 has a 530mm x 270mm worktable and the SX-200's table measures 700mm x 300mm. X, Y and Z axes are standard on the machines; W, A, B and C axes are optional. Both machines come with Sarix's new multi-axis CNC, the SX-CU, which allows the indexing of complex workpieces.

Mikros Technologies Inc.designs and manufactures metal components with micron-sized features and submicron precision.

Among the electrical-discharge machines Sodicksells is an innovative EDM that can drill a 2.9?m hole.

Optimation Inc. has developed a microEDM system, in the U.S.A., that drills down to less than 10?m diameter.

MC Machinery Systems Inc.says its new ED6000S CNC small-hole EDM offers five-times faster positioning speed in the X, Y and Z axes than previous models.

GF AgieCharmilles'new CUT 1000 wire EDM machine, introduced in the U.K., is designed specifically for very precise micromachining applications, and replaces the company's AC Vertex 1 machine.

Sarix SAunveiled its MACHline family of microEDM machining centers at the recently completed EMO 2009. The MACHline's Twin Axis system allows multiple operations to be peformed on one machine and, because of the machine's large work envelope, permits microscale features to be produced on large parts.

GF AgieCharmillesreports that its CUT 1000 is the “world’s most accurate wire EDM.” Designed specifically for micromachining and ultraprecision applications, the CUT 1000 runs 0.02mm-dia. wire and achieves surface finishes down to 0.05 µm Ra in continuous operation.