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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Product News: Coolant/ Lubrication

Miyano Machinery USA Inc.recently introduced its GN-3200 Ultra-Precision Turning Center, designed for high-precision hard turning of small components that are traditionally finished on a grinding machine. The company's GN Series machines are primarily intended for second operation finishing work adn hard turning of treated components.

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc., Westfield, Mass., recently introduced its "Swiss Silver" cutting oils designed for greater lubricity, faster heat dissipation, improved part finish and longer tool life for Swiss-type machining, according to a company news release.

Rush Machinery Inc.’s newly designed filtration system, the FC-300, can integrate with most grinding, lapping and honing machines to provide continuous filtration, automatic back flush and clean fluid on demand.

Welding-equipment manufacturer Miyachi Unitek Corp.has introduced a versatile series of tabletop hot-bar reflow soldering systems for reflow soldering, heat-seal and/or ACF bonding, hot-bar bonding and heat-staking applications.

GenSwiss has launched a line of high-pressure (up to 10,000 psi) coolant-through toolholders for Swiss-type machines. The “Coolant Thru” line features through-the-shank coolant delivery, which, according to GenSwiss, provides optimal insert lubrication, lengthens tool life and improves tool performance.