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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Turn-key laser system for industrial marking and labeling


Trotec Laser Inc.

(734) 484-3260

The Trotec LWS 780 marking station is a turn-key laser system for industrial marking and labeling.

Typical applications include electronic component marking/labeling (electronic enclosures, plastic parts). It also can be used on machine parts, medical instruments, jewelry, type plates, weapons and for tool engraving.

It was developed for continuous industrial operation. Operating with a maintenance-free laser source and air-cooled laser, the LWS 780 marking station offers a long service life with minimum operating costs, the company reports.

Depending on the application, the LWS 780 can be equipped with different CO2 and fiber lasers from its SpeedMarker series.

It offers easy integration into existing systems. With the customizable SpeedMark laser software, the LWS 780 can be integrated quickly into existing workflows.

The integrated galvo laser technology allows for marking speeds of more than 400 characters per second. Extremely short throughput times can then be implemented in component marking. The LWS 780 does not require any consumables, while current consumption is minimal, ensuring high productivity in running operations, according to the company.

LWS 780

Front view of Trotec Laser Inc.'s LWS 780 laser marking system.

Quick Points

Laser type: Galvo CO2 or fiber laser

Work area: 2.8" × 2.8" to 9.4" × 9.4" in.

Max. workpiece size: 13.8" × 27.6" × 31.0"

Laser power: 10-50 watt