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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Shannon MicroCoil offers laser processing, welding, soldering, brazing


Shannon MicroCoil

+353 61 311666

Shannon Microcoil, Limerick, Ireland, uses both round and flat wire in sizes from 0.001” (25 micron) upwards in round and flat wire. Common materials include, stainless steels such as 302, 304 and 316, Precious Metal Alloys such as PtW, PtIr, Pd, and coated materials such as gold coated steels and PTFE coated steels.

Comprehensive laser processing, welding, soldering and brazing are critical for many medical device components. The company’s welding technologies include plasma welding, dc resistance welding, and laser welding. Services include spot welding, coils for hypotubes, component to component, and end cutting.

To complement its wire forming technologies, the company offers its customers grinding capabilities. Centerless Grinding Precision grinding is available on all inventory or customer supplied materials. Standard diameter is +/-.0002”; however tolerances as tight as +/-.00005” are possible.

Our processes include profile, taper, step, flat and OD grinding. In addition, they can supply various secondary operations such as coating, plating, electropolishing, assembly, cleaning and packaging.