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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Reduce the Counterfeit Risk with New Methodology

Counterfeit products are a multi-million dollar illegal business that inserts imitations and phony products into a vulnerable supply chain. An international group has developed some tools and suggestions to help companies avoid buying these fake goods.


The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) says that counterfeiting affects nearly every segment of the economy. Rogue products are found in consumer goods, computers and communications, medical devices, automotive components, aerospace and defense and more.

Comparing real with counterfeit parts

Compare real to counterfeit parts. Images from iNEMI whitepaper.

The group’s Counterfeit Components Project team surveyed possible points of entry in the supply chain and assessing the impact of counterfeit components on industry at various points of use. It also proposes a risk assessment calculator that can be used to quantify the risks of procuring counterfeit parts. This risk calculator is aimed at all segments of the supply chain and can be used by component manufacturers, product designers, distributors, loss estimators, industry groups and end users.

In addition to the calculator and other methods, the group details destructive and non-destructive technologies to identify fake products. For instance, because legacy and high-value components are suspected to be the most often counterfeited products, device serialization may prove to be a good way to detect counterfeit parts.

To read the whitepaper, click here.