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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Proprietary techniques used to fabricate microfluidic-device pumps


ALine Inc.

ALine whitepaper

Pictures showing the degree of mixing after a number of subsequent strokes. Routines implementing 0, 1,2, and 3 strokes are presented from top left to bottom right.

Successful microfluidic products integrate robust components capable of complex functions while being tolerant to a range of conditions. This paper discusses the integration of multiple micro-fabrication techniques to create a completely functional Lab-on-a-chip product.

ALine Inc.’s proprietary fabrication process, Integrated Polymeric Platform (IPP), is used to fabricate devices with on-board, pneumatically actuated components that provide robust performance. Low pumping variability is demonstrated across several devices, and pump actuation time was optimized to achieve cycle times under one second.

On-chip mixing by a simple bellows pump is studied by measuring the light absorption of a chemical reaction where fluid color changes when reagents combine. Successful demonstration of low-variability performance of on-chip functions renders IPP a reliable process for the production of complex and disposable microfluidic devices.

To read the entire paper, click here.