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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Photoetching metal parts


Tech-Etch Inc.


Tech-Etch Inc. specializes in the manufacture of light gauge metal parts as small as 0.0005" thick. The photoetching process (also called photochemical etching and photochemical milling) allows the company to produce intricate metal components with close tolerances that can’t be produced by other production methods, the company claims.

Photoetching eliminates the cost of hard tooling, improves design flexibility and shortens lead times while eliminating burring and stress problems.

Tech-Etch can manufacture encoders, masks, filters, lead frames, battery grids, flat springs, strain gauges, laminations, MicroEtch screens, chip carriers, step covers, fuel cell plates, heat sinks, shutter blades, electron grids, fluidic circuit plates, reticles, drive bands, haptics and shims.

Titanium etching, Tungsten etching and etching of other extremely corrosion resistant materials, such as Nitinol, Elgiloy and Molybdenum, allow Tech-Etch to produce complex parts for medical tools and implants. Copper alloys, Beryllium copper, stainless steels, aluminum, nickel and nickel alloys, silver, spring steels, and polyimide film also can be etched.

Tech-Etch also offers forming and finishing with its full in-house plating and mechanical finishing facility, and laser cutting with its laser machining center that provides additional capabilities and greater tolerance control for thicker materials.

Tech-Etch parts 

A collection of small photoetched components made by Tech Etch Inc.