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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Norman Noble offers design for manufacturability services


Norman Noble Inc.

(216) 761-5387

Medical Device OEM’s that have applied Highland Heights, Ohio-based Norman Noble Inc.’s Design for Manufacturability services have realized substantial benefits, the company says. Costs and time-to-market are often cut in half with significant improvements in quality and delivery. These services are most effective when applied to projects that involve tight tolerances and exotic materials, including NiTinol.

Norman Noble medical oem services

Norman Noble Inc.'s design for manufacturability services can cut time-to-market in half.

Design for Manufacturability is the process of proactively designing products to optimize all the manufacturing functions: fabrication, finishing, testing, assembly and packaging, and assuring the best quality, cost, regulatory compliance, and time-to-market.

One of its services, concurrent engineering, is the practice of concurrently developing products and its manufacturing processes. If new processes are to be utilized, then the product and the process must be developed concurrently.

Design for Manufacturability and Concurrent Engineering are proven design methodologies that work for any size company. Early consideration of manufacturing issues shortens product development time, minimizes development cost, and ensures a smooth transition into production for quick time to market.

Partnering with Norman Noble Inc. on Design for Manufacturability gives the customer access to Norman Noble Inc.’s Innovative Machining and Finishing technologies for implants and devices. Other benefits include: product design that establishes the feature set, how well the features work, and, hence, the marketability of the product; and prototypes manufactured in dedicated R&D prototype departments.

Norman Noble Inc. is the largest laser contract manufacturer, and manufactures the most NiTinol based implants in the world, the company says.