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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Laser micromachining system


Swisstec Micromachining AG

763 476 8600

Swisstec Micromachining AG introduced its Multi Flexi Tube (MFT) system, which offers ultrafast, high accuracy laser micromachining, according to the company.

The MFT features a maximum cutting speed of up to 3,000mm per min (50mm per sec) with a tolerance of 0.1µm, the company reports.

Small kerf widths from 50µm down to 8µm (fiber lasers) and from 25µm down to 5 µm (USP lasers) can be machined. All systems are fitted with high performance fiber or femtosecond lasers at IR to UV wavelengths to ensure that the laser matches the process required.

Accordign to the company, it can customize its standard platform system to meet special application requirements or develop a completely customized system. Options available include FDA-compatible interface software for process controlling and reporting, automatic tube loading magazine, robot handling, and real-time kerf width measurement or geometry measurement.

The systems come with a 2,000-hour warranty and an extended 25,000-hour warranty option is available on all systems.