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JUL/AUG 2013  

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ICOMM 2013 addresses interesting applications in micromanufacturing

The proceedings from the recently concluded International Conference on MicroManufacturing 2013 in Victoria, BC, Canada, are now available at the University of Wisconsin’s “Minds @ UW” Web site.

Papers submitted to ICOMM address theoretical and applied research issues related to manufacture, assembly and metrology for components and systems with microscale features. Papers may also describe interesting applications of both current and emerging micromanufacturing methods and equipment, including those that bridge the nano and macro worlds.
Following is a sampling of some of the current papers available.

Field Induced Jet Micro-EDM

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is of the potential of micro/nano meter scale machining capability. However, electrode wear in micro-EDM significantly deteriorates the machining accuracy, thus, it needs to be compensated in process. To solve this problem, a new micromachining method—field induced jet micro-EDM— is proposed, in which the electrical field induced jet is used as the micro tool electrode. A series of experiments were carried out to investigate the feasibility of proposed method.

Manufacturing Guidelines for Micro Injection Molds
The large demand for micro injected plastic parts can be solved with the reconversion of conventional mold machine shops in order to be suitable for performing micro manufacturing of molds and dies. This paper documents the fabrication of the cavity, ejection, injection and cooling systems of a micro mold for plastic injection to ensure a reduction in geometrical variation and to establish guidelines for the conversion of conventional mold shops.

Observation of Tool Life of Micro End Mills
Prediction of mechanical machining tool life is an integral part of commercial manufacturing. Failure of microend mills is still not well understood and further work needs to be done to accurately predict tool life. The objective of this study is to observe the distribution of tool life for micro endmills under aggressive machining conditions without lubrication for 300µm-dia. micro end mills while machining 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

Stochastic Characteristics in Microgrinding Wheel Static Topography using Machine Vision

Superabrasive grinding wheels are used for the machining of brittle materials such tungsten carbide. Stochastic modeling of the wheel topography can allow for statistical bounding of the grind force characteristics allowing improved surface quality without sacrificing productivity. This study uses a machine vision method to measure the wheel topography of diamond microgrinding wheels. The results showed that there are large variances in wheel specifications from the manufacturer.

Towards CNC automation in AFM probe-based nano machining
This paper presents a feasibility study, which aims to show the applicability of the CNC automation philosophy for the process of AFM probe-based nano machining conducted on commercial AFM instruments. In particular, it is proposed to machine in this way nanostructures generated with any CAD software via the representation of tip path trajectories with G-code instructions.

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