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JUL/AUG 2013  

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A heads up from Formaplex

Formaplex Machining Manager Rob Slidel produced a detailed model head from a medium-density polyurethane material using one of Formaplex’s CMS Poseidon machining centers. The U.K.-based company has produced a time-lapse video to showcase its work.



The production of the head demonstrates the intricate shapes and patterns that can be created using these materials and Formaplex’s machining technology. Formaplex’s machining technology is used in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

“The trickiest parts were the ears and the dimple below the lips, which required full 5-axis machining. The 5-axis technology allowed me to use shorter tooling, which gave me the ability to reach further into the structure and to create the curves that make the head look so lifelike,” Slidel said.

composite head

This head started out as a 400mm × 400mm × 550mm cube of polyurethane modeling material, which was machined into the lifelike form using Formaplex’s new high-speed Delcam PowerMill.

The Formaplex head is now being used for publicity and demonstration purposes. “It’s an excellent example of modern manufacturing techniques performed on state-of-the-art machines, and is a true indication of the versatility of our technology and staff,” said Formaplex Projects Director Ian Wilson.