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JUL/AUG 2013  

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Deburring parts smaller than 1?8" via mass finishing poses several challenges. Companies used to working exclusively with larger parts need to confront these challenges when deburring microparts.

Imparting a fine surface finish is usually paramount when machining medical parts. For example, at Acumed LLC, which makes orthopedic tools and implants, surface finish requirements range from about 32 to 8 rms, noted Randy Singer, machinist level 4 for the Hillsboro, Ore., manufacturer.

As milling tools shrink, several factors loom large in generating fine surface finishes. The productivity and surface finish a tool achieves depend on specific combinations of cutting speed, feed rate, tool runout and coolant application. In micromilling—involving tools 0.020" in diameter and smaller—the size of the tool often dictates strategies to maximize performance and surface finish.

Dec. 4, 2009—Laser-sintering manufacturer EOS and BestinClass SA, developer of the high-precision surface finishing technology called MicroMachining Process, have formed a joint company, FirstSurface Ltd., which will provide MMP in the U.K. and other European locations to be determined.

Taking the ‘black art’ out of micro-abrasive blasting

Similar to applying abrasive grits bound together on a grinding wheel, many part manufacturers view micro-abrasive blasting as an art form shrouded in mystery. That’s because of the high level of operator control required to effectively smooth, deburr, texture, peen or clean microparts—among a host of applications—without damaging or destroying them.

Highland Heights, Ohio (Nov. 20, 2008)— Spurred by market demand for metallic and PEEK-based medical devices and implants used in cardiovascular, orthopedic and sports medicine applications, Norman Noble recently completed a $1.9 million expansion of its metal finishing operations.

Top Videos

During the 7th International Conference on MicroManufacturing in March, conference co-chairs Jian Cao and Kornel Ehmann, along with a few of their students, provided an overview of their research and work stations at the university's micromanufacturing lab.

Alicona Imaging GmbH CEO Stefan Scherer provides an overview of the company's Infinite Focus optical 3-D surface measurement and characterization machine, which features a contour measurement module.

Manas Lakshmipathy, an account manager with the Zygo Corp., Middlefield, Conn., discusses the company's ZeGage optical profiler for the micromanufacturing market.


Oct. 7, 2011—Check out this enthusiastic representative from Keyence Corp., Elmwood Park, N.J., as he demonstrates the company's all-in-one digital microscope system that integrates advanced imaging, measurement and recording functions into a portable device.

Top Products

Comco Inc.

Comco SCSPComco Inc. offers the latest advances in shot peening technology with our new precision shot peening equipment for demanding production or job shop environments, according to the company.

Heule Tool Corp.

Heule microsnapHeule Tool Corp. offers Micro Snap carbide deburring tools for deburring and chamfering the fronts and backs of through-holes from 2mm to 5mm in diameter in a single pass.

Mill-Rose Co.

Mill-Rose microbrushesMill-Rose Co. manufactures microbrushes as small as 0.018" in diameter with natural or synthetic fibers for honing, deburring and other finishing tasks.

Earth Chain Inc.

sPINnerThe sPINner machine from Earth-Chain batch deburrs small precision parts manufactured on swiss-type turning centers, lathes and machining centers in just a few minutes. The sPINner removes light burrs, whiskers and microburrs without affecting the critical tolerances of the parts, and without adding any ferrous material to the surface of the part.

Harvey Tool Co. LLC

harvey tool thumbHarvey Tool Co. LLC has released its fall 2011 catalog, which provides a look at about 400 new tools and information on additional sizes and reaches in expanded product lines.